Member Profiles: Patrick Worrell

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I am in my first season playing for Hillingdon TTC. I started playing for Hillingdon as they are situated just five minutes drive from home. The few seasons I have been playing for Ashford in the Staines League.

I have been playing recreationally on and off for many years, starting back in the 1970’s for a youth club in the Wembley & Harrow League. Then went on to play in a few leagues that are defunct, including the Uxbridge & West Middlesex.

I joined an airline and have enjoyed playing in a few tournaments around Europe. Weekends away in Brussels, Dublin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Vienna and Warsaw are never the same without the table tennis and meeting old friends.

I finally joined the Veterans English Table Tennis Society (VETTS) in 2004 and played in their tournaments around the country, making more table tennis acquaintances. By joining the VETTS it has allowed me to visit exotic places whilst playing table tennis. The plans are already in place to visit Budapest next summer followed by Bordeaux and Cardiff.